Automatic API's

Quantati provides powerful API's to automatically retrieve clean structured product data without manual rules or site specific selectors.

Article API

Extract clean article content, authors, published dates, excerpts, lead images.

Product API

The Product Page API automatically extracts product data from a product page.

Category API

The Product Category Page API retrieves all products details from a category link.


The Job Page API enables to extract clean job listing data from any job board.

Real estate (Soon)

The Property API unlocks data from every real estate listing on the web automatically.

Travel API (Soon)

The Travel API facilitates automatic data extraction in the tourism sector.

Bulk Processing (Soon)

Apply our API's to an entire site, saving thousands of pages into a single searchable database.

Custom APIs (Soon)

Use easy-to-create custom rules to extract any data from any web page.

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The Article API automatically extracts clean article data from a web page, including pricing info, product IDs, name, brand, .etc.

Demo purposes only. Some links might not work because they need geotargeting proxies or specifying site locale. If you couldn't test your URL, drop us a line in the support chat below. We will set up a demo for you.


Data extraction done right.

Hassle-free web scraping

If you are extracting data at scale you are guaranteed to run into websites employing anti-bot countermeasures. We are managing thousands of proxies internally - to give you maximum request reliability at any level. Simply send an HTTP request to our API and we will take care of the rest.

Inteligent IP Rotation

Health monitoring



Any source any website.

You can use our service to extract almost anything that is accessible from the web. Our Automatic APIs execute page-level JavaScript at render-time, allowing you to extract any data you can visually see on a website, ensuring a persistent and reliable flow of data, even when target websites change their format. Our algorithms also work across many languages.

Chrome Headless



Save time. Eliminate risk. Scale at will.

Our API is specifically designed to run large scale web data collection, enabling live data intelligence with unparalleled efficiency. Tell us what data you want and we’ll give you all the accurate aggregated data you can handle.

Cross language SDK ready

Plug seamlessly into your existing business workflow

Save time on technical details and focus on growing your business


High Availability

Cloud based solution. Reliable, scalable and built on AWS and Google Cloud infrastructure

Adblock builtin

Faster reponsive timing avoid unnecessary requests.

Data quality

Validation rules for ensuring data extracted is correct.

You're in great company.

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Our recruitment social media assistant schedules beautiful job previews using info powered by the Job API.

Darren Westall co-founder ContentApp

With Product API we can automatically get product info and update prices real time for any e-commerce site (with their permission) that does not provide an API.

Lucas de Jong senior technical consultatnt

Crawlers always break and we wanted a way to eliminate manually updating selectors. I am integrating Product API into our pipeline.

Noah Martin senior developer

The most fair pricing plans ever.

Our team has combined experience of scraping over 10B pages. Our tech stack is optimized for high load and low infrastructure costs. We guarantee one of the lowest web-scraping rates. Clean data guaranteed, or money back. Period!

Automatic APIs

monthly plan starting at


shared datacenter / residential proxies
JS Rendering
Customizable request rates
24/7 dedicated support

Custom Data

monthly per website starting at


Up to 50K records per month
Data delivery in CSV, JSON or Via API
Daily / Weekly / Monthly Crawling
24/7 dedicated support


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

Who needs this?

Quantati is for anyone who needs to extract data from the web - a retailer monitoring market product prices, businesses monitoring their brands, .etc

What can I do with Quantati?

Quantati can greatly simplify price tracking, content discovery and curation, price arbitrage between online stores, and various other use cases.

I'm not a developer, can you create custom scraping scripts for me?

Yes of course! We regularly create custom scraping scripts/project for our clients, just tell us your needs